Thursday, April 1, 2010


Remember the "no more diapers thing"? Well, Josie changed her mind and is wearing them once again...not quite ready yet:) She continues to grow in so many ways...she has turned into a sponge and is quickly soaking up all kinds of information, lately letters and numbers! She loves Barney (thanks to her Dad's influence), books, and singing. We've been going to the library, and she really enjoys that. It's hard to get her to leave without every single Barney item they have!

She also LOVES her kitties. The other day they snuck out into the garage when we were bringing in groceries. She was so afraid they were going to run away (even though I quickly shut the overhead door and they weren't going anywhere). She started crying and said very loudly, "I NEED MINE KITTIES!" Needless to say she was very relieved when they were in the house once again! Here is a picture of her giving her kitties a treat:)

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