Thursday, July 31, 2008

my sister...

This morning Jordan and Taylor came up with something that made me laugh...a lot! I overheard Jordan refer to Brendyn as "my brother from another mother". Now this I had heard before but then he said, "and Josie is my sister from another mister". Made my day!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

summer summer summer,

So I know it's been a while, but here are a few recent pictures. This one was before Josie's first trip to the beach! Here she is playing in the sand.
And here Josie is all set to go...somewhere, even though she will have to drag the bag behind her:)
Let's see, what else is new...
  • Jordan has swimmer's ear again, just like last summer. He was in the ER Wednesday night and then Saturday back in to see the doc because it got worse. The drops weren't getting in where they needed to go so it spread to a middle as well as outer ear infection, very painful. Poor kid, so now he's on oral antibiotics, too.
  • We got a new swingset, or at least new to us. My brother, Jody, was looking to find a new home for the one he made now that his kids outgrew it so we gladly accepted! And another brother, Jeff, was kind enough to help haul it here and put it back together, which was a 2 day job! Thanks Uncle Jeff!! Did I mention it's a giant one!
  • Kaden and Brendyn have spent lots and lots of time playing "Tarzan" on the new swingset!
  • Jordan and Kaden took swimming lessons for the first time this month and they both passed with flying colors. In fact, Jordan advanced all the way from level 2 to level 5 in three short weeks! Now they can both swim like little fishies.
  • I started a new job. I am no longer working for my Dad, I started doing home day care again. It was getting way too hard bringing Josie to work with me and it was time for a change. Now Josie has playmates, and Mommy only has to do one job at a time!
  • Josie is talking a little more here and there. She now says, "Daddy", "teys" (for keys), "oots" (for oops), "kickle kickle" (when she decides to tickle tickle your toes, or hers), "ee" (for peek), and "mmmm" after she takes a drink or bite of something yummy.
  • She also understands more and more all the time of what we are saying. She loves to do "This Little Piggy" and she can find her belly button...or anyone elses, too! It's hilarious! She gives kisses and comes up to you saying "mm ma", then plants one on you.
  • Oh, and I'm thinking of taking her off of the "older infant formula" soon since she is eating like a champ, except for vegetables. But she learned that from Brendyn!
  • We are going camping next weekend with Sarah and Sonia and their families. My biggest challenge is figuring out who we have to strap to the roof of the van because we will never fit everything in the van with all 5 kids!