Monday, March 29, 2010

catching up...Jordan

So it's been a while since I blogged, so I think we'll do the catching up thing one person at a time, and I'll start with Jordan...

Jordan turned 14 last month, and he is now as tall as me! I knew it would happen, but still, sometimes I just stare at him and wonder where the years have gone. He recently got contacts and loves them. He only wears his glasses when he has to. He continues to get straight A's in school and has every intention of keeping it up as he starts high school next year.

He is a very good kid who, of course, loves spending time with his friends. Lately, air soft wars with the guys has been the thing to do. And he is still into video games. This week is spring break and he will be spending a few days with his Grandpa and cousins up at the "shack" and he can't wait! He is looking forward to getting a new cell phone and is working on saving up the money for it. He has recently informed me he wants to get a job this summer and already has all kinds of plans for his income. He's not sure what he's going to do exactly, he might work with his Dad, he might look into being a caddy...I'm sure he will figure it out:)

I am so proud of Jordan, he is making it so easy to be the mother of a teenager. He is so responsible and never makes me worry. I'm not even nervous about the years to come, not with him. Here he is on his birthday with his cousin, Bella.

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